About After School Sessions


After School Sessions

Young Actors Stage brings a fully staged musical theater experience to your school with our after-school workshop sessions.  The after-school sessions help provide the opportunity for kids who otherwise might not be exposed to theater or performance, the chance to sing, dance, and act in a Broadway Jr. musical.  The program nurtures teamwork, concentration, imagination, and confidence that have been proven to carry over into all areas of academic learning.  The performance gives the cast members a chance to apply what they have learned for a fully rounded theatrical experience, and to feel a sense of accomplishment when they see their hard work pay off. After school sessions are designed for students in 1st-8th grade.  All registered participants will be cast in the production.


Please prepare one song from the show.  You also have the option to perform a portion of one of the scenes provided on the audition page. Choose your favorite character or scene and one of our staff members will read the opposite character with you. You may be cut off depending on time. Music and scenes can be found by following the link to the  Wizard of Oz Audition below.

All registered cast members will be cast in the ensemble. Auditions determine featured roles. They will take place at your school location. 

If you are interested in an ensemble only role, you are not required to audition. (We do suggest attending the audition anyway, and possibly singing with a friend or two if you are up for it.)


You will be notified of callbacks by email soon after the initial auditions, and will be asked to read sides and sing for specific characters.  Songs and sides have been posted on the Wizard of Oz Audition page below. Not everyone will receive a callback.

Wizard of Oz Audition


Rehearsals are a time to learn, make mistakes, try new things, discover, develop character and craft. We expect all cast members to be respectful of each other and the show we are working on. We need you to come to rehearsal off book, prepared to write down blocking, ready to dance, and focused on rehearsal.  That’s when the fun happens.


Crocker Calendar

Sutterville Calendar

Holy Spirit Calendar

Didion Calendar

Registration/Information Night: February 4, 2014

Auditions: February 2014

Rehearsals: March-May, 2014

Performances: May 9-18

A detailed schedule by character will be given out in advance.  Not all cast members will be scheduled for every rehearsal or the entire rehearsal session. It is extremely important that you keep track of the schedule because it will vary. 

Please do not miss more than 3 rehearsals. We will not be able to go back and re-teach or re-stage scenes for students who are absent from a rehearsal.  If a cast member misses a rehearsal, they may not be placed in that particular number.   Mark any conflicts you may have and present them with your registration packet in advance. 

Additional rehearsals and changes are very rare, but may be scheduled as needed. We will make every effort to give you plenty of notice in advance.

Tech Week (the week of the performance)

Tech week will be an intensive week of dress rehearsals at the theater location.   Rehearsals will be scheduled in the evening and can last several hours. Attendance is mandatory. There can be no absences.  Missing a mandatory rehearsal may result in being removed form the show.


May 9-18 (See Calendar for your cast’s performance dates)

Location: 24th Street Theater

School Performances: (There will be no daytime school performances scheduled for the Spring 2014 Wizard of Oz sessions.)

Cast members may perform once during the school day (pending host school approval).  Parents must be willing to pull them from class for part of the day.  This is considered an excused absence in accordance with State Education Code 48225.5.