Les Misérables

School Edition


Streaming December 26 & 27

Epic, grand, and uplifting,

Les Miserables School Edition is an inspiration just when we need it most.  This phenomenal production, staged in 2016, earned 7 Elly Awards including “Best Overall Production” along with 10 nominations.  Performed by two exceptional casts of students age 18 and under, you will see clearly that talent, passion, and breathtaking theater has no age limit.


Each cast's performance will be streamed for one night only.  This scheduled content allows us to enjoy the show together and interact through the chat.  The stream will be live.  You will not be able to pause or rewind, so get your snacks ready in advance! There will be a 15 minute intermission.  

Revolution Cast

Saturday, December 26


Liberty Cast

Sunday, December 27



To see who's who in each cast, click the link below to view our 2016 program.

Ticket Prices

One Viewer: $10.00

Family Viewers: $25.00

Ticket sales will help Young Actors Stage make it through the winter.  We thank you for your support!