Company Captains

Past Captains

Natalie Fowler

Milan Williams

Kate Brugger

Elise Ledesma

Zoe Hinsley

Sara Chan

Ana Riley-Portal

Nora Hensley

Dani Weisenthal

Bella Hopkins

Chloe Falzarano

Maddie Perez

Adan Hensley

Indira Nijssen

Sydney Acosta

Halle Short

Katy Kragel

Lori Wood

Zoe Nauman

Liam Smith

Lindsay Hatch

Clara McNatt

Gianna Solari

Grace Miller Segura

Elysia Martinez

Madeline Woodard


Company Captains are a select group of students who learn through teaching and seeing the production process from another point of view.  Captains will gain experience as an assistant to the director, stage manager, and peer leader. From pre-production development to auditions, rehearsals and performance, Captains play an important role.

Who is Eligible to Apply - After School Sessions?

Students in 7th grade or older who have previously been in a Young Actors Stage production.  After School Session Captains must be part of the Main Stage Cast in order to learn the show.  We generally accept one Captain for each session.

Who is Eligible to Apply - Summer Camp?

Students in High School who have previously been in a Young Actors Stage production.

Production Meetings

Captains will meet with the directors to discuss the upcoming rehearsals, and work on choreography, blocking, music, and design.


During rehearsals captains will assist the director.  They may be asked to lead warm-ups, write blocking and stage diagrams, stay on book, run the music, help with choreography, music, and scene work, break off and work with groups or individuals while the director is working with others, and be an example.


During tech week and performances the captain will be the Stage Manager.  They will help instruct the other crew members about scene changes, prop and set needs, and all other backstage issues.  Captains lead the crew, are an example to the cast, and help run the show!

Captain Application

Beauty and the Beast Jr.

Auditions - May 30 & June 6

Preproduction Meetings - June 2020 (Schedule TBD)

Summer Camp - July 13 - August 2

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